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Zyva scissors are designed by the designer with the hand carving on the handles of the scissors with shining plasma gold polish to make it unique from all other type of scissors available in the market.

Unique pattern is hand carve on the finger rest and the handles of the scissors with slightly sword shape blade for all type of hair styles, for Slide Cutting, Chipping and Slicing.

Hand forged and hand carved with the highest quality of Japanese Stainless Steel HC440.

Size: 6.5”

Color: Titanium Plasma Gold

Blade: Hand Crafted Beveled Edge slightly hollow ground with Razor Sharpness, ideal for all sort of cutting and for all type of hairs

Metal: Japanese Stainless steel HC440

Hardness: Rockwell Hardness 60

Tension: UFO Japanese Style Adjustment Tension Screw with Unique Ball Bearing In Hinge For Super Smooth Cutting Action

Ergonomic: Ergonomic Shape Handle For Maximum Comfort & Designed To Reduce Wrist Strain.

Handle: Unique pattern is hand carve on the handles to make unique from all other scissors with the fixed finger rest.

Sharpness: Razor Sharpness (With guaranty nothing would happen to the sharpness of the blade around 2500-3000 cutting (If use properly))


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